Town Board of Trustees

The Town of Deer Trail Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members. Of those seven members six are at-large trustees and one position for the Town Mayor. The Board of Trustees are part-time elected officials and are listed below.

Mayor - Judd Behrens

Mayor Pro-Tem - Byron Mounce

Byron Mounce has lived in Deer Trail, Colorado since 2020 and is active in officiating sports, his RV repair business, and volunteering countless hours to the town. He enjoys spending time with his children, friends, the community and his church. Byron brings life giving knowledge, brilliance, trust, respect, transparency and willingness to achieve great success to the town. We are honored to have such a fine gentleman as Mayor Pro-Temp.

Trustee - Summer Ramirez

Trustee - Heather Kerin

Mrs. Kerin and her husband moved to Deer Trail in May of 2015, when they purchased their first new home. Since they arrived, they have loved this community and wanted to make this town their forever home.

Once they settled in, Mrs. Kerin started working at Byer's General Store where she has gotten to know a lot of people in the community and made a lot of wonderful friends. From there, Heather started working part-time at Deer Trail School and started running the concession stand at school events. About a year after that, she worked in the school cafeteria and now drives a route, bussing kids to our school.

In 2018, Mrs. Kerin was elected to the Deer Trail city council. She feels they have made some positive changes on the board since then and really enjoys helping the community with their questions and concerns.

In 2022, Heather assisted in organizing the town Food Bank to help the whole community out when they are in need. She found this voluntary work very rewarding and really takes pride in what they have accomplished during their first year.

In her spare time, she enjoys helping her daughters with their activities and working with their horses on the ranch.

Trustee - John Kettling

A multifaceted individual, John hails from both Deer Trail, Colorado, and Little Meadows, Pennsylvania, and has led a rich and diverse life marked by significant accomplishments. Boasting a Bachelor of Science degree from Metropolitan State University and a certifcate in Computer Security from Standford, Mr. Kettling has dedicated decades in education. With 23 years of dedicated service as an engineering instructor, Mr. Kettling has been instrumental in shaping the minds of future engineers. This lifelong commitment to education demonstrates a passion for knowledge and a dedication to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Beyond the realm of academia, John is also known for his entrepreneurial spirit as evidenced by being the co-owner of Boulder Little Meadows LLC and owner of Kansas Ave Properties in Jennings, Kansas.

Trustee - Robert Rhodes

Robert Rhodes was born a Navy Brat in Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri. With his military upbringing, he has lived across the US in many states. Upon graduating high school in Garland, Texas, he joined the Army and was first stationed in Germany during the cold war. Later he was transferred to Ft. Carson to prepare for Desert Storm. During his stay he was in a car accident and medically discharged.

Robert has held many jobs from Admin to the VP of Circulation at the Denver Post, on the transitioning team of the US West and Quest merger to recently working with veterans as a Veteran Service Officer.

Currently his passions are working with veterans, education, and helping people.

Trustee - Gerry LaMont