Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement is contracted out by a third party. If you receive a code enforcement notice please contact Susie at 303-422-4473 or via email at ccompliance@comcast.net.

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Code enforcement is a vital component in upholding community standards and cultivating a secure and pleasant living and working environment. Deer Trail as well as most local governments employ this process to ensure that properties and structures adhere to adopted codes, zoning regulations, and nuisance ordinances. The overarching objective of code enforcement is to safeguard and enhance public health, safety, and welfare by overseeing the maintenance and use of land and structures. Code Enforcement strives to achieve this objective by working with residents to gain voluntary compliance. 

The process involves property inspections, addressing complaints and inquiries, and enforcing local ordinances related to property maintenance, zoning, land use, and public nuisances. Code enforcement aims to achieve various goals, including: 

  • Safety: Ensuring that properties meet safety standards to protect residents and the community from potential hazards. 
  • Property Maintenance: Encouraging property owners to upkeep their premises in a manner that positively contributes to the neighborhood's overall integrity and does not adversely affect other residents or property values.
  • Zoning Compliance: Verifying that land use aligns with zoning regulations and that properties are utilized in a manner consistent with the surrounding properties. 
  • Community Aesthetics: Fostering a visually appealing and harmonious community environment by regulating elements such as weeds, junk, debris, rubbish, and trash. 
  • Quality of Life: Addressing issues that may negatively impact residents' quality of life, such as weeds, inoperable vehicles, unsightliness, right-of-way obstructions, and other nuisances. 

Code enforcement plays a pivotal role in upholding order, ensuring safety, and enhancing visual appeal, thereby establishing a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all community members and their guests.

The Negative Impact of Weeds 

It doesn't take a lawn care professional to tell you that weeds are detrimental to your turf. Not only are they an eyesore, but they also negatively impact the overall health of everyone's lawn. Many residents are trying hard to maintain a nice attractive lawn, but with the invasive nature of weeds in Deer Trail, it is a challenge. 

While some weeds aren't harmful, others are highly aggressive and destructive. If control measures are not taken, certain species can overtake an entire yard in a very short period of time. Certain weeds can be harmful if consumed by pets and or children and cause severe allergies for many in the community. They attract vermin, rodents, and snakes, not to mention the potential fire hazard that can be very destructive and deadly. 

Weeds are a widespread problem in the Town. While residents attempt to keep them under control through various measures, others don't seem to be trying very hard to eradicate or at least maintain the weeds on their property.

Weeds are the number one complaint received by code enforcement. They cause a small Town to look uncared for and neglected and as if no one cares about their community. 

While the Town is not asking anyone to maintain a well-manicured, green, lush, lawn we are asking you to do your part in keeping the weeds cut down to the ground and mowed down every week in the spring, summer, fall and as needed in the winter. 

Lack of mowing can lead to a violation of the Town Ordinance. The Ordinance requires property owners and tenants to keep the weeds cut down to the ground or they can be issued a notice and subsequent Summons to court if the violation is not remedied.

Fines of up to $2,650.00 can be imposed through municipal court for those who ignore the problem.

In addition, many homeowner insurance policies require mitigation of weeds and brush near residence. Deer Trail has had a structural fire in one of the newer neighborhoods where dried weeds were set ablaze by a lit cigarette, burning an entire exterior wall of a house, so it does happen. 

Please do your part as a resident and maintain the property free of unsightly weeds. Be a good neighbor and citizen of the Town in helping to keep Deer Trail a desirable place to live and work.