Public Records Request


A public records request, often referred to as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, is a formal process through which individuals or organizations can request access to government records and documents that are considered public information. These requests are an essential part of government transparency and accountability, allowing citizens to access information about government activities, decisions, and policies.

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Please make your request as specific as possible because broadly stated requests that encompass “any and all” of a large category of documents, or which are without significant specificity, may create extenuating circumstances and require addition time and cost.

All records requests are subject to the Town’s research and retrieval fee of $30.00 per hour after the first hour, which must be paid in full to the Town Clerk prior to production of any documents. Such fee includes the Town’s cost to research and retrieve documents and if necessary, to identify, segregate and/or categorize privileged material.

Copies are subject to a cost of .25 cents per standard page or as applicable, the actual cost of providing copies of non-standard page documents such as DVD’s, photographs or maps, of the actual cost of manipulation or acquiring data to generate the record. All copying fees are due in full at the time of service.