Resolution Number 96-05

A resolution to use electronic voting machines during the 1996 regular Municipal Election for the Town of Deer Trail. 

Whereas, Pursuant to the Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965, as amended, § 31-10-701, the use of voting machines is allowed in any municipal election upon adoption and approval of their use by resolution of the municipality's governing body; and,

Whereas, at the 20 February 1996 special meeting of the Deer Trail Town Board of Trustees, the board decided to hold the 1996 regular election by electronic voting system.

Now therefore be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail Colorado: 

Electronic voting machines and services, as provided by Arapahoe County Election Department according to provisions agreed upon in an agreement signed between the Town of Deer Trail and Arapahoe County Elections Department, will be used during the 1996 regular municipal election of the Town of Deer Trail, in accordance with the Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965 and any other state law provisions as applicable to municipal elections.

Adopted this day of 

Timothy J. Lewis, Mayor

Attest: Kerry L. Michele, Town Clerk