Resolution Number 90-03

A resolution appropriating sums of money to the various funds and spending agencies in the amounts and for the purpose set forth below for the Town of Deer Trail Colorado for the 1990 budget year.

Whereas, the Deer Trail Board of Trustees has adopted the annual budget in accordance with the Local Government Budget Law on October 3, 1989, and; 

Whereas, the Deer Trail Board of Trustees has made provision therein for revenues in an amount equal to or greater than the total proposed expenditures as set forth in said budget, and; 

Whereas, it is not only required by law, but also necessary to appropriate the revenues provided in the budget to and for the purposes described below, so as not to impair the operations of the Town.

Now therefore be it resolved by the Deer Trail Board of Trustees Town of Deer Trail Colorado:

Section 1. 

That the following sums are hereby appropriated from the revenue of each fund to each fund, for purposes stated:

General Fund

General Government: $40,686
Municipal Court: $6,000
Public Safety: $8,000
Elections: $1,000
Health and Welfare: $800
Maintenance of Condition: $7,500
Streetlights: $7,000
Transfer to Debt Service: $2,500
Capital Outlay: $1,000
Total General Fund: $74,486

Water Fund
System Operation: $6,500
System Maintenance: $6,000
General Government: $13,113
Debt Service: $13,652
Capital Outlay: $6,000
Total Water Fund: $45,265

Sewer Fund
System Maintenance: $6,000
General Government: $13,373
Capital Outlay: $1,000
Total Sewer Fund: $20,373

Capital Projects Fund
Equipment: $5,000
Sites: $3,850
Total Capital Projects Fund: $8,850

Debt Service Fund
Expenditures: $0
Total Debt Service Fund: $0

Conservation Trust Fund
Culture and Recreation: $1,200
Electricity: $150
Capital Outlay: $3,000
Other: $550
Total Conservation Trust Fund: $4,900

Adopted this seventh day of November A.D., 1989.

Mark Dille, Mayor of Deer Trail

Tam M. Intermill, Town Clerk