Resolution Number 23-05

A resolution in support of question 2 at the August 22, 2023, Special Election

Whereas, in compliance with the Fair Campaign Practices Act, specifically C.R.S. § 1- 45-117, the Board of Trustees is authorized to adopt and report through customary means a resolution in support of Question 2, on the ballot at the August 22, 2023, special election. 

Whereas, at the special election, voters will be asked to choose between a citizen­ initiated nuisance ordinance and a Town drafted nuisance ordinance, both of which would replace the Town's current nuisance regulations. 

Whereas, voting in favor of Question 2 is a vote for the Town's updated nuisance ordinance, Ordinance 297, which was drafted with extensive public outreach and in consultation with the Town's code enforcement professional; and 

Whereas, the Board of Trustees wishes to support Question 2.

Now therefore be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado: 

Section 1. 

For the benefit of the Town of Deer Trail, for the reasons set forth in this Resolution, the Board declares its support for Question 2 and urges Town voters to vote "yes" on Question 2 at the August 22, 2023, special election.

Introduced, Read, and Adopted this 8th Day of August 2023

Judd Behrens, Mayor 

Attest: Ali Eldringhoff, Town Clerk