Resolution Number 16-11

A resolution of the Town of Deer Trail approving lot line adjustment between Lots 1 an d2, Block 9, Deer Trail. 

Whereas, by letter dated June 29, 2106, owners of Lot 1 and owners of Lot 2, of Block 9, in the Town of Deer Trail have jointly requested adjustment of the boundary between Lots 1 and 2 to reflect current and historic use (the "Application") 

Whereas, the Application, if approved, will result in the driveway for Lot 2, which is currently part of Lot I, being unified with its current use as a portion of Lot 2 

Whereas, the owners of Lots 1 and 2 have agreed between themselves to a conveyance of the real property interests associated with the Application in the form of a Bargain and Sale Deed. 

Whereas, the Board of Trustees has authority over such matters pursuant to Section 31-23-101, et seq., of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado, as follows:

Section 1.   

The Town of Deer Trail plat shall be amended to reflect the lot line adjustment requested by the Application and illustrated in the map and land survey attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A.

Section 2. 

The owners of Lots I and 2, as shown on the Application, shall convey to each other the real property interests necessary to make such adjustment by executing and recording with the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder a Bargain and Sale Deed.

Section 3.  

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder is hereby directed pursuant to Section 31-23-108, C.R.S., to update as necessary to reflect such adjustment the County documents and maps showing the Town of Deer Trail plat.

Introduced, read, and adopted this 2nd day of August 2016.

Kent Vashus, Mayor
Town of Deer Trail, Colorado 

Attest: Wendy Heywood, Town Clerk