Resolution Number 14-07

A resolution authorizing signatures for the Guaranty Bank accounts of the Town of Deer Trail 

Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of Deer Trail Colorado as follows; 

Section 1. 

That any of the fol1owing persons are authorized to endorse items of deposit or transfer money from the Town's account and that two signatures shall be required for withdrawals from the account:

Kent Vashus
Dorothy Pisel
Susan Rector

Section 2.

Any and all Resolutions or parts thereof in conflict or inconsistent herewith are, to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency, hereby repealed; provided however, that the repeal of any such Resolution or part thereof shall not revive any other section or part of any Resolution heretofore repealed or superseded.

Adopted and approved this 8th Day of April 2014.

Kent Vashus, Mayor

Attest: Kimberley Oldfield, Town Clerk