Resolution Number 08-04

A resolution finding substantial compliance for an annexation petition filed with the Town of Deer Trail for property to be known as the Turecek west annexation to the Town of Deer Trail and setting a public hearing thereon. 

Whereas, a petition for annexation of certain property, to be known as the Turecek West Annexation, has been filed with the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail; and

Whereas, the Board has reviewed the petition; and

Whereas, the Board has reviewed the petition and desires to adopt by Resolution its
findings in regard to the petition.

Now therefore be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado:

Section 1.

The petition, the legal description for which is attached hereto as Exhibit A, is in substantial compliance with the applicable laws of the State of Colorado and Town of Deer Trail Ordinance No. 196.

Section 2.

No election is required under C.R.S. § 31-12-107(2).

Section 3.

No additional terms and conditions are to be imposed except any provided for in the petition.

Section 4. 

The Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing for the purpose of determining if the proposed annexation complies with C.R.S. § 31-12-104 and with C.R.S. § 31-12-105, at the Deer Trail Town Hall, 555 Second Avenue, Deer Trail, CO 80105, at the following date and time: Tuesday, April 8, 2008, at 7:00 p.m.

Section 5. 

Any person may appear at such hearing and present evidence relative to the proposed annexation.

Section 6. 

Upon completion of the hearing, the Board of Trustees will set forth, by resolution, its findings and conclusions with reference to the eligibility of the proposed annexation, and whether the statutory requirements for the proposed annexation have been met.

Section 7. 

If the Board of Trustees concludes, by resolution, that all statutory requirements have been met and that the proposed annexation is proper under the laws of the State of Colorado, the Board of Trustees will pass one or more ordinances annexing the subject property to the Town of Deer Trail.

Passed and adopted this 11th day of March 2008.

By: Tamara Stoumbaugh, Mayor Pro Tem
Town of Deer Trail, Colorado 

Attest: Patti K. Owens, Town Clerk