Ordinance Number 283

An ordinance requiring affidavits for write-in candidates for candidates for the Board of Trustees. 

Be it ordained by the Board of Trustees for the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado, that. 

Section 1.   

The Town of Deer Trail hereby adopts the following provision regarding write-in candidates for the Board of Trustees:
Write-in candidate affidavit.
No write-in vote for any municipal office shall be counted unless an affidavit of intent has been filed with the Town Clerk by the person whose name is written in not later than sixty-five (65) days before the election indicating that such person desires the office and is qualified to assume the duties of that office if elected.

Section 2.  Repealer.

All acts, orders, resolutions, ordinances, or parts thereof, of the Town that are inconsistent or in conflict with this Ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent only of such inconsistency or conflict, including without limitation, any maximum specific penalty contained in any acts, orders, resolutions, or ordinances for any violation thereof.

Section 3. Recording and Authentication. 

Immediately upon its passage, this Ordinance shall be recorded in the Town of Deer Trail Book of Ordinances kept for that purpose, authenticated by the signatures of the Mayor and Clerk and shall be published as required by law.

Section 4. Effective Date.

This Ordinance shall become effective thirty (30) days after final publication. 

Adopted and approved this 8th Day of February 2022

Judd Behrens, Mayor
Town of Deer Trail

Attest: Ali Gerstenberger, Town Clerk