Ordinance Number 200

Relating to Nuisances within the Town. 

Whereas, the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado, on August 4, 1998, enacted Ordinance No. 197, which provided for the abatement of nuisances, and, 

Whereas, the needs of the Town require further amendment of Ordinance No. 197,

Now, therefore, be it ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado that: 

Ordinance Number 197 is amended as follows:

  1. Section 1-7 is repealed and re-enacted as follows:
    1-7. Collection of Costs of Abatement by Town. In the event the nuisance on any lot, block or parcel of ground, or along the sidewalk or alley adjoining the same, is abated by order of the Ordinance Enforcement Committee, Municipal Court Judge or Board, the whole cost of abatement, together with five percent for inspection and other incidentals, shall be paid to the Town Clerk by the owner/agent or tenant of such lot, block or parcel of ground within thirty days of postmarked date of registered or certified mail.
  2. Section 5-2 is amended by the addition of subsection (a): 5-2 (a) Snow, ice, dirt, debris, rubbish and filth must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of deposit.
  3. Section 6-1.1 is repealed and re-enacted as follows:
    6-1.1 A directive will be sent that such nuisance be cleared forthwith and without further notice by two employees of the Town and charge the cost thereof to the owner, agent or tenant in charge of the property, together with a five (5) percent additional charge for inspection and other incidentals.
  4. Section 6-1.2 is repealed and re-enacted as follows:
    6-1.2 A summons and complaint will be served to appear in the Deer Trail Municipal Court. If the judge finds that the property is in violation, the owner/agent may be fined, and the judge will order that the owner/agent clear the property or have the Town abate the nuisance. The Town's expense, including inspection and administrations fees, will be billed to the property owner and, if not paid, the total expense becomes a lien on the property and collected as taxes.

Introduced, read, passed and ordered published this fourth day of November 1998.

LeRoy A. Koch, Mayor

Attest: Jessica E. Stoumbaugh, Town Clerk 

Repealed June 1, 1999.