Ordinance Number 186

An ordinance providing amendment of Ordinance No. 148 as amended regarding sewer and water charges and rates. 

Whereas, the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado, on 23 March 1982 enacted Ordinance No. 148, which provided for administration of its water and sewer service; and,

Whereas, the needs of the Town require further amendment of Ordinance No. 148.

Now therefore, be it ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail Colorado that: 

Ordinance No. 148 is amended as follows:

  1. Section 29 e. is repealed.
  2. Section 29 f. is repealed.
  3. Section 29 c. is repealed and re-enacted as follows:

Miscellaneous Rate and Service Provisions

  1. Vacant property will not be subject to monthly water and sewer charges during periods when water is turned off at the meter; provided, however that the person in whose name the service last was provided must notify the Town in writing as to date when termination of service is desired. A customer who fails to provide that notification on a timely basis may continue to accrue monthly service charges until the Town receives the request to terminate service.
  2. In those instances where one meter of whatever size is serving more than one unit or household shall constitute one unit, and the person or persons responsible for payment for water service shall be billed on per-unit basis. (If, for example, one-meter supplies 10 households, the monthly bill will be for 10 water minimums plus applicable charges for gallonage of water, if any, used in excess of that allowed by the 10 minimums.) If billing is to each of several individuals or households served by the master meter, any delinquencies at the various properties served are the responsibility of the owner of the property for which the master meter initially was installed, or his successor in title.
  3. A penalty of Ten Dollars ($10.00) plus a $3.00 mailing charge for each notice mailed shall be assessed on all bills not paid by the due date which shall be the 15th day of the month following the month for which charges are assessed. This penalty may be waived if a user makes prior arrangements for payments during vacation or other periods when customer is absent for a good cause.
  4. For water shut off due to delinquency in payment beyond the 45 days after billing date, in addition to any arrearages for delinquent water and sewer charges...$20.00.
  5. For water turn-on after payment of all delinquent charges...$10.00
  6. For water shut-off or turn-on at user's request...$10.00
  7. For short check or returned check...$15.00
    or bank charges whichever is greater
  8. For any reading of meter at user's request...$10.00
  9. For any other trip charge at user's request...$10.00

Section 34 b is amended as follows:

Prior to shutting off the water, the Town shall send a notice to the address of the customer concerned, as shown on the Town records, stating the reason for the termination of service, and the date upon which service may be terminated unless the charges are paid, or other specified violation is corrected. Such notice shall be included in the combined "past due statement" and shut-off notice referred to in Section 29 of this ordinance. The shut-off date shall be at least 10 days after the deposit in the mail of the letter giving notice of termination.

This ordinance shall take effect 1 October 1994. Introduced, read, passed, and ordered published this first day of September 1994.

publication: 15 September 1994.

Timothy J. Lewis, Mayor

Attest: Kerry L Michelle, Town Clerk