Ordinance Number 171

An ordinance amending Ordinance Number 148 and Number 157 relating to water and sewer penalties for late payment or non-payment. 

Be it ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Deer Trail, Colorado, Section 28, Part e. is hereby amended to read as follows:

Section 28. 

Penalties for Late Payment or Non-payment:
A penalty of $5.00 (five dollars) shall be assessed on bills not paid by the due date, which shall be the 15th of the month or portion of a month for which the customer is billed. This penalty, however, may be waived if a customer makes prior arrangements for payment during vacation or during other periods when the customer is temporarily absent from the premises served. A mailing fee of $2.00 (two dollars) will be charged for each delinquent notice mailed.

All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict or inconsistent with this ordinance are hereby repealed. 

This ordinance shall take effect July 1, 1988.

Introduced, read, passed, and ordered published this 7th day of Juke, 1988.

Mark Dille

Attest: Tam M Intermill, Town Clerk